Book Clubs📚

     The book I’m reading Part Time Indian is really interesting. I really enjoy reading and and it always makes me want to read more. Part Time Indian is about a boy named Junior who grows up living on a Indian reservation and he always gets bullied and picked on. Junior is really smart and he gets an opportunity to go to the school Reardon. Junior goes and he gets a girlfriend and is a star on the varsity basketball team. Junior and his bestfriend from the reservation get into a huge fight before he leaves. This book is so amazing to read because you it always leaves you wanting to read more.
     My book club itself it doing really well, we always all get to share our ideas and have good conversations about the book. If someone has a question about something they normally get their question answered because we all give our opinion on it.


  1. I think it’s really true when you said we give our opinions about the book.

  2. Thanks for sharing Bel. Not sure what happened to your picture?


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