Tuesday, May 1, 2018

campfire - pavel freidmann

Campfire (click on the title to listen to me read it)

My ELA class is learning about the holocaust and the Terezin concentration camp. Terezin is just another concentration camp that was made during the holocaust except in Terezin they held “famous” people there and someone named _____ called the Red Cross to go look at Terezin and see if anything bad was happening there. While there they had to “clean up” the camp a little and during the time all the kids in Terezin made poems. So:

Here I sit on a rock
in front of the campfire.
One branch after another 
is snatched by the fire.
Into the darknessthe forest recedes.
Fire makes one reflect....
Terezin is all I think about.
But now embodies gather ‘ round me
like the falling leaves.

Fall is here. 
The leaves turn yellow on the trees,
the campfire dies o
ut .
My thoughts are far from here,
somewhere far,
where integrity lives.

It lives in my friend.
Now I think of her.

Memeros gather ‘ round me
Like the falling leaves.

During this project I learned about this tragic thing that happened in life and how so much has changed since then.


  1. I wished that you could put more details in your project so I can understand it more. I’m not saying it’s bad but I can’t understand it

  2. Something I learned about your poem is that he understands how life goes fast and he could see the branches die fast. I like your butterfly because you did the fire to show the fire 🔥 and the branches consume by the fire.

  3. I like how you made your butterfly out of some materials.

  4. Something I learned about your is that the RedCross had visited Terezin to check how the people are doing.

  5. I like the different material used in the butterfly. There is a weird line in between “named” and “called” in the second sentence, is that supposed to be there or is it something you accidentally left in the blog post? Anyways you did a good job on this blog post so have a good day!

  6. I like how you drew the picture that represents the poem but if you but more detail then I would understand it more

  7. I like how you made it look 3D

  8. I think you should’ve put more details in your butterfly but overall it’s good.

  9. I like how it looks 3D and your campfire turned out good.


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