Tuesday, May 22, 2018

twenty-five book challenge 2k 17-18

This year I have read, 21 books. :

1 - Butter, Erin Jade Lange
2 - Charlottes Web, E.B White
3 - Twisted, Laurie Halse Anderson
4 - Solo, Kwame Alexander
5 - The Bad Beginning, Lemony Snicket
6 - The Reptile Room, Lemony Snicket
7 - The Wide Window, Lemony Snicket
8 - The Miserbale Mill, Lemony Snicket
9 - Austre Academy, Lemony Snicket
10 - The House On Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros
11 - Ghosts, Raina Telegamer
12 - Sunny Side Up, Jen L & Matt H
13 - Smile, Raina Telegamer
14 - All The Bright Places, Jennifer Niven
15 - Dog Man, Dav Pilkey
16 - Dog Days, Jeff Kinney
17 - Thrice Upon A Marigold, Jean Ferris
18 - Best Friend Next Door, Carolyn Mackler
19 - The War I Finally Won, Kimberly Bradley
20 - TTYL, Lauren Myracle
21 - Rivals, Tim Green

Three of my favorite books I have read this year that I 100% recommend are:

#1. Rivals
I really recommend this book to people who are I trested in sports, specifacly baseball or in my case softball. It’s about a boy named Josh who is the best player on the baseball team and in there game to get into the championship he gets hurt bad, they win that game but they don’t know if he can play in the championship. Read to find out if Josh plays.

#2. Thrice Upon A Marigold
I recommend this book to people who love suspense and action. In this book the Prince and Princess just have a baby who gets kidnapped. And go on a veryyyy long journey to get the baby back. Read the book to see if the kingdom can get princess poppy (baby) back or not.

#3. Twisted
I recommend this book to people who like learning and listening about teenage drama, it’s all about a boy who secretly fell in love with the most popular girl. Read to find out if he gets the girl.

This year in ELA I learned what signposts are and how they help you read. Before this I have no clue whatsoever what they were. Over the summer I’m planning on reading 3-5 books. This year I became a better reader my including signposts in reading they help you understand the text more.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

campfire - pavel freidmann

Campfire (click on the title to listen to me read it)

My ELA class is learning about the holocaust and the Terezin concentration camp. Terezin is just another concentration camp that was made during the holocaust except in Terezin they held “famous” people there and someone named _____ called the Red Cross to go look at Terezin and see if anything bad was happening there. While there they had to “clean up” the camp a little and during the time all the kids in Terezin made poems. So:

Here I sit on a rock
in front of the campfire.
One branch after another 
is snatched by the fire.
Into the darknessthe forest recedes.
Fire makes one reflect....
Terezin is all I think about.
But now embodies gather ‘ round me
like the falling leaves.

Fall is here. 
The leaves turn yellow on the trees,
the campfire dies o
ut .
My thoughts are far from here,
somewhere far,
where integrity lives.

It lives in my friend.
Now I think of her.

Memeros gather ‘ round me
Like the falling leaves.

During this project I learned about this tragic thing that happened in life and how so much has changed since then.

Monday, April 23, 2018

book blog - rivals

My book Rivals is written by Tim Green the genre of Rivals is Fiction. Basically the book is about a boy named Josh who is a baseball and the baseball team has just won a game to go to Nationals or the championship. In the game leading to the championship game Josh there best player gets hurt. My favorite part of the book is where his mom is saying he cannot play in the championship game but his dad is trying to convince her to let him play. Read Rivals to find out if they win the championship game and if Josh plays in it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

sol # 8 ; championship - march 27

On Saturday march 24 my basketball team won the championship. We had gone undeafeated all season but last time we played this team we only won my one shot two points. My coach had told me since there was no playoffs it was the team with the best record who won the championship, so on Saturday if this team beat us by more than two points they would have won the championship. It was an extremely close game the entire game except at like the last minute my treat went up by a few shows with like 30 seconds left the score was 23 to 26. Which means all they needed was a three pointer to win. It was our ball we scored making it 23 to 28, there was 16 seconds left, then the buzzer went off, we had won!!!

Friday, March 23, 2018

sol # 7 ; parcc - march 22

I feel like we’ve been doing parc testing forever because last week we only took four out of the six and then this week we didn’t start testing till Wednesday because on Monday we don’t test because apperanlty it’s the worst day to test, then we had Tuesday off for voting day because our school is a voting place. Anyways today was the last day of parcc !! I’m so happy because after parcc a room like a 40 minute nap and now I’m not as tired as I was before parcc :)

Friday, March 16, 2018

sol # 6 ; new book - march 15

In a lot of libraries lately I have been seeing football books by the same author Tim Green and they looked like good books I read the back seemed pretty good, I saw Tim Greens books that were about basketball and a lot about football and none about baseball, so realizing I couldn’t find one I went to the library going to tryout one of the football books or basketball which ever seemed better to me. So the first one I took out of the shelf was a football one I picked up the one next to it expecting to be about basketball or football but it was about baseball without even looking at the back I went to check it out. I was happy that I finally found a baseball one. On the back of this one there’s another one I’m excited to read next.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

sol # 5 ; volleyball - march 13

Yesterday my volleyball team went to playoffs at unity. The out of bounds lines were light yellow lines, which was hard to see. The other team was serving and the ball was coming, the girl in front of me was like not going for the ball at all just standing there.  I was thinking to myself  “What are you doing?” I slide on my knees and hit it but we didn’t end up getting it over, then I realized why nobody was going for it, because it was out. My leg was hurting like right under my knee because my knee pads had slide up and I didn’t even look at it but then when my coach called a timeout I looked at it and there was this big scrape.

twenty-five book challenge 2k 17-18

This year I have read, 21 books. : 1 - Butter, Erin Jade Lange 2 - Charlottes Web, E.B White 3 - Twisted, Laurie Halse Anderson 4 - Sol...