Friday, March 23, 2018

sol # 7 ; parcc - march 22

I feel like we’ve been doing parc testing forever because last week we only took four out of the six and then this week we didn’t start testing till Wednesday because on Monday we don’t test because apperanlty it’s the worst day to test, then we had Tuesday off for voting day because our school is a voting place. Anyways today was the last day of parcc !! I’m so happy because after parcc a room like a 40 minute nap and now I’m not as tired as I was before parcc :)

Friday, March 16, 2018

sol # 6 ; new book - march 15

In a lot of libraries lately I have been seeing football books by the same author Tim Green and they looked like good books I read the back seemed pretty good, I saw Tim Greens books that were about basketball and a lot about football and none about baseball, so realizing I couldn’t find one I went to the library going to tryout one of the football books or basketball which ever seemed better to me. So the first one I took out of the shelf was a football one I picked up the one next to it expecting to be about basketball or football but it was about baseball without even looking at the back I went to check it out. I was happy that I finally found a baseball one. On the back of this one there’s another one I’m excited to read next.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

sol # 5 ; volleyball - march 13

Yesterday my volleyball team went to playoffs at unity. The out of bounds lines were light yellow lines, hard to see so, the other team was serving and the ball was coming and the girl in front of me was like not going for the ball at all just standing there and so I was like what are you doing in my head and so I slide on my knees and hit it but we didn’t end up getting it over, then I realized why nobody was going for it, because it was out. My leg was hurting like ride under my knee because my knee pads had slide up and I didn’t even look at it but then when my coach called a timeout I looked at it and there was this big scrape.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

sol # 4 ; jovanny leaving - march 4th

Today one of my bestest friends left, his name was jovanny I’ve known him since 5th grade and was really sad to see him go, everybody he would make me laugh even when I was mad, he was my partner in ela and know he’s gone. I really hope he has fun at his new school.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

sol # 3 ; new softball team - march 3rd

     Around 2 years ago or seasons ago when I first started playing for my new softball team it was my very first practice ever with the new team and I got hit in the face
      We were playing catch everything was going good until we were throwing as a team and we went to get water so I left my mitt on the field and out water break was over, so I went to go pick up my mitt and as I was bending over a ball hit me right in the cheek, someone on my team had throw it and it was a wild throw so the other teammate didn’t catch it, I had to sit down and ice my cheek and call my mom and tell her what had happened, and I didn’t get to play the rest of practice. 😤

Friday, March 2, 2018

sol # 2 ; *MY* volleyball - march 2nd

So ever since I started volleyball for the school I found this volleyball that I really really liked and I honestly don’t know why I like it so much I just do. So today in practice we we’re doing drills and when I hit my ball over the net this girl frida went to go get it and I said “ no no no that’s my ball” and it was just really funny because she was like really confused.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

sol # 1 ; ice skating, the fall - march 1st

Me, my brother and sister where at an ice skating rink. I had t gone ice skating since last winter so I wasn’t that good, ice skating is scary having to think about falling on the ice, so I was doing good hadn’t fallen at all, I took a little break went back on the ice and my first step into the ice I fell very hard. My chin went down first so I had a cut in my chin afterwards.

sol # 7 ; parcc - march 22

I feel like we’ve been doing parc testing forever because last week we only took four out of the six and then this week we didn’t start test...